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Retort pouch

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Retort pouch

Retort Bags are the one of the most advanced forms of pouches, which is actually made from diverse layers of plastic and metal foil laminate. These pouches have the ability to with stand thermal processing, which is generally used for sterilization or aseptic processing of products.Thus, these types of pouches are more durable and puncture-resistant in compare to the existing series.
A retort pouch is a laminated plastic packaging that is thin, lightweight, and flexible and is used to hold processed meals. It’s a aluminum can and glass jar alternative that combines the lifetime of traditional food preservation techniques with the convenience and benefits of a thin, pliable container”.
This pouch allows your product to be sterilized in a process called “retorting”.
During the process your product is usually heated up to 121°C (250°F) under high pressure. This treatment allows for an extended product shelf life.

As one of the pouch supplier in China,we can customize these retort pouches to meet your specific requirements.we value the vision you have for your brands and to give our best to make it happen in real- time,we thus offer services that boost the marketability value of your products.
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We Have Fully Printing, bag make machine, sealing machine, package machine. Which Insure Our High Capacity and Ontime Delivery Date.


we have stock sample for your reference. at the same time can make sample with your requirement.

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During every process, our worker will check every single piece, and we did the full inspection for products before packaging to ensure our reputation and high quality.

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Puncture-resistant barrier materials prolong the shelf life of your products. Our pouches are well-suited for liquid, dry, and powdered products.

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